David L. Whitsett II

Attorney at Law​

Serving Clinton County Since 2004
  1. I have a case, but I don't know if you practice that type of law, what should I do?
    ​Please call us or send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page.  It may still fall under one of the categories our law office practices or still may be able to help you.  If our office is not able to take your case, we usually can help send you to another attorney who can help with your case.

  2. I don't know what type of law my case falls under.
    ​Please call the office or send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page.  We will be able to help you through the law and lead you in the right direction, whether that is with our office or with another attorney.

  3. It seems every time I try to call the office to talk to the attorney, he's never in the office.
    ​David Whitsett spends a lot of time between the office, the Court, and the jail.  He has cases that even take him out of county some days.  Kathy Martin or Natasha Lucio, legal assistants, are in the office to answer the phone, answer your questions if at all possible, and take messages for David.  David tries to return phone calls daily.  Each and every case matters to David and this office and we will get back to you as soon as possible!  If you feel like it is taking too long to return your phone call, please feel free to call back and set up an appointment with our office.

  4. My husband/wife/friend/relative is in jail and needs counsel.  What can I do?
    ​Please call our office to discuss this matter with us.  David is willing to discuss the case with them in jail if you are looking to hire him for the case.  You may also qualify for pauper counsel through the Court.  To receive more information regarding pauper counsel please contact our office or the Court with your questions.

  5. Do you take phone calls from the jail?
    ​Our office does not accept phone calls from the jail, prepaid or collect.  These phone calls are recorded calls and not private.  Please write us a letter with your questions or information and David will come to see you as soon as possible in jail to discuss the matters.

  6. I came to your office during business hours, but your closed sign was up.
    ​Our office may occasionally be closed due Court appearances or other errands.  If all three employees are out of the office, the closed sign will be put up with a time when one of them is set to return.  Please return to our office after the time we are set to return or call our office and leave your information for us to get back to you as soon as we return.

  7. Do you accept walk-in appointments?
    ​Depending on the situation and schedule, we can.  However, the best way to see David Whitsett is to call our office and set up an appointment.  We cannot gurauntee that David will be in the office or available to meet if you try to do a walk-in appointment.


  1. What will my case cost?
    ​The cost depends on your individual situation.  Our office usually runs on retainers.  The retainer depends on the case and how you wish to proceed with the case.  If you are interested in a price, please send us a message with information regarding your case or give us a call.

  2. Is there a consultation fee?
    ​A consultation fee exists if you only wish to have a 40 minute consultation and choose to not hire David Whitsett for your case.  If you hire David Whitsett for your case, no consultation fee is charged.  Please plan on paying the consultation fee at the time of your appointment.

  3. Is there a bankruptcy consultation fee?
    ​No.  The first bankruptcy consultation is free.

  4. What is a retainer?
    ​A retainer is a way of paying for your case upfront.  A retainer goes into a separate account through our office that does not make the office any money, unless work has been done.  Each month, we will send you an invoice of the amount of work performed and the amount of your retainer left.  Only after this work has been done and an invoice has been sent to you, does our office receive the money from the work performed.  At the end of your case, if any of your retainer is left, you will receive that back.  On the contrary, if the retainer runs out, then our office will discuss a payment plan with you for the remainder of your case.  Our office mainly runs on retainers.



  1. Is there a bankruptcy consultation fee?
    ​No.  The first bankruptcy consultation is free.

  2. What is a bankruptcy consultation?
    ​A bankruptcy consultation is a consultation with David Whitsett regarding how the bankruptcy works, what it will take, information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, information regarding the Means Test, and more.  You will receive a packet regarding all of this information.  This consultation is free.